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Easier done than said

No discipline required

Stop time, stop stress.

Unlike traditional email, Teller waits for you. When you come back from your meeting, or wake up from a good night’s sleep, or return from vacation, your inbox will be exactly how you left it. The longer you wait to check your mail, the more efficient it becomes. So relax. Focus. Teller will be there when you’re ready.

10x more productive. Automatically.

Teller’s psychic inbox knows who is important and what you need to see first. One click will sort, rank, and clean your inbox automatically, but nothing gets deleted unless you say so. Important stuff rises to the top, and emails can be handled in batches instead of one-at-a-time. No set up, no need to train the app, and your privacy is safe at all times.

Be yourself, but better.

When your workflow gets better, your work gets better. Browse attachments visually instead of hunting for them via search. Get your creative ideas down quickly, and create smart reminders to do something about them. Never miss an email. Never lose a note-to-self. Use your brain for ideas. Let Teller do the work.